Aishti SS14

Poplavok ‘fishing float’ - Restaurant. Branding, Art Direction and Graphic Design by Ira Smolikova, Moscow.

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CC4441 | Tomokazu Hayakawa Architects. Japan

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A series of table mats that look like scribbles. Formed by cutting elastomer by the laser cutting machine. We made 2 types of shape for coasters, pot stands and place mats, 6 types altogether.

Dieter Rams Tribute



Rafa-kids K desk can be set in two different positions: an open and close one. When closed the furniture is clean and elegant. Once the lid is lifted you discover another layer of the desk with rounded corners and hidden organizer. Perfect place to put notebooks , iPad or little toys and treasures. Vertical part is good exposition space for drawings, photos or important messages.

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Heist & Roth is a high-end brand specializing in skin care and beauty products. The brand identity is inspired by a female figure both strong and extroverted while maintaing a very delicate and feminine touch. I was hired to create the brand’s visual assets, including typography, logo, brand symbolism, and the visual mood for future packaging concepts.   The clean and cute face of the logo is complemented by strong typography elements, and the color gamma is inspired by natural skin colors. The illustrations on the packaging are all based on lines and are designed to be very simple, like the face symbol in the logo.” by R. Cravents

Madii & Dylan
Madii & Dylan is an Australian line of natural, eco-friendly children’s products that range from soft cleansing flannels to cozy hypoallergenic pillows. Their products are made with incredible air-spinning technology that naturally resists dust mites, mildew and bacteria. Also, they’re specially designed to align the spine, support the neck and keep children’s heads elevated so they can breathe freely while resting.
Our job was to transmit the brand’s most important values: friendliness, cleanliness, comfort and honesty. We kept the brand colors crisp and gender neutral. The logo uses a light and clear typeface that draws attention not to itself but to the brand’s main character: the ampersand. The ampersand was designed to function as an icon, an icon that reflects the brand’s innocence and cleanliness: it’s designed to look like a cross between an ampersand and a rubber ducky.
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