Open a can of beans and follow along”! Amazing infograph

RESTORE is a project about ancient places of worship. Most of these architectural masterpieces are located near the centre of the city and too often the contemporary urbanization has been sadly unscrupulous on them. The aim of the project was to bring them back to the origins. The influence of the modern urban elements attempts to be as much as possible controlled by the technical choices and the radical postprocessing/retouching approach.

Jeremy - River Island A/W14

The third of four illustrations in my ‘Jack Hughes x River Island’ collaboration for their A/W14 collection. You can read the FashionBeans exclusive here!  

How To Create The Next Jonathan Ive

A new book on Apple’s enigmatic design genius argues that Apple owes its success primarily to being a “dream enabler” for designers.

La Tortillería    |

"Located in Ourense, Spain, this place is anything but typical, it is a refreshing alternative for local walkers used to the traditional bar or restaurant. The architect Ruben D. Gil and his wife Gretta R. Valdés decided to spice up the rainy Galician city with an unusual spot to enjoy international cuisine and drinks in an atmosphere of light wood ceilings, adobe walls, dim lighting and steel furniture. The agency worked on the design of its visual identity, stationery materials, packaging for branded products, to go packaging, coasters, menus and tote bags. A custom made bottle of water on each table will welcome its guests in October 2014."

Originally founded in an old tortilla factory building, La Tortillería is a creative company with a passion for images and words with the exceptional ability of turning them into an exquisite reflection of an idea. We create, brand, design, publish and advertise blending creativity and functionality to grant each project a unique personality. We are creative problem solvers who begin with the end in mind either from scratch or from an outlined plan and make things happen come hell or high water.

(Source:, via vinter-inspiration)

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