BEIGE     Personal care goods

Creation and Branding design for Beige, dedicated to personal hygiene 
products and body care. Nature-based products and aromas of plants, 
trees and other natural elements. by Josep Puy

Kirby Ferguson looks at the inspirations behind the Apple iPhone both in its first iteration in the new iOS7 iteration and the remix of technology that created this culturally important gadget.


BugBox by Adrian Meseck

(via sickandslick)

World Clock by 11+

The 11+ World Clock reinterprets the traditional functionality of the clock by creating a unique and playful interaction between the user and the design. Although the face of the World Clock may not seem out of the ordinary, its cylindrical body allows it to display 24 different time zones via a clever rolling mechanism. Independently working hands allow the clock to be quickly rolled back to any of its 24 time zones, while immediately transitioning back to the local time. The World Clock comes with 3 color variations; Modern Gray, Midnight Blue, and Orange passion. 

How to use
Let’s say someone living in New York wants to know the time in London. When it is 5:57 pm in New York, you can see that is is 10:57 pm in London if you roll the clock so that London appears on top. (See the number on the clock to read the hour and the position of the minute hand to read the minutes.)

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